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Excellent Effort by the Hawaii Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Program: Updating the Ocean Resources Management Plan

On May 16th, a meeting about the Ocean Resources Management Plan (ORMP) was held in Kona [note there was also going to be a Hilo side meeting, but there should also have been a North Hawaii meeting site]

Overall this was an excellent presentation and interactive discussion with the public.  The ORMP "promotes an integrated approach to managing Hawai'i's natural and cultural resources...[and] provides a vision that builds upon Native Hwaiian management principles, emphasizing the importance of alnd and sea connections and working together toward a common future." This program is based on three principles:

1. Connecting Land and Sea (inland activities affect ocean resources)
2. Preserving our heritage (therefore we need to care for our coastal waters)
3. Promoting Collaboration and Stewardship (communities and government must work together and share knowledge, experiences, and resources).

My major concern (at this point) is that the group had only 2 "community representatives -- despite many governmental and non-governmental organization stakeholders, and those representatives are consultant types picked by the State, and are both from the Hilo side.  Neither were in attendance at the Kona meeting.  I explained that the community (public at large should have the final say as to who their representative are,,,,and there should be more than two and there should be student representatives as well in the stakeholder group.  In other words, if you don't feel like you have your own representative (voice) you don't feel like you are a stakeholder and will likely not have much of a commitment to the objectives and activities.

The link to the Coastal Zone Management ORMP website is HERE
And if you want to submit commits you can do so by email at ormp_update@dbedt.hawaii.gov

And a few photos:
Here is Marni Herkes explaining why licensing is a good idea.


I was glad to see Jojo in attendance:

Have you taken a Tutu's House class lately? If not, I suggest you do so. I took the Chronic Disease Self-management Class

Have you taken a class at Tutu's House?  -- if not try to do so.  Free classes and large selection of health and wellness subjects.
Call 885-6777 or go to website tutushouse.org

Our "Chronic Disease -Self Management" class was let by Pauline Fukunaga (Director of County Dept of Aging) and lay leader Ken Tsuhako (from Waimea I believe).

Pauline is on the right -- then going around the room from right to left - Bill , Marlene, Larry, Carolyn, and Sharon.. (not sure of the names of others in the photo).   For more information about Tutu's House and this class see the blog on the NHCH Senior Health Fair.

An example of what we learned was how to make a realistic action plan:

Start with something you want and will do (keep it as small enough step that you don't set yourself up to fail):
Then ask:  1) Is it achievable, 2) Is it Action Specific, 3) What is it?, 4) How much will you do - time wise or otherwise?, 5) When will you do it, 6) How often will you do it, 7) WHAT IS YOUR CONFIDENCE LEVEL (how confident that you will succeed) -- select something that will be at a confidence level of 7 or above (1-10high)

The one week that I choice an action and said I only had a confidence level of 6, is the one week I did not complete my action plan.
This taught me the importance of only "biting off" an action for which you realistically have a confidence level of at least 7 out of 10

Appreciating the Lower Hamakua Ditch

                                Ingrid Wang, me and Edie Bikle (whose properties are traversed by the Lower Hamakua Ditch

The beauty of the Lower Hamakua Ditch as an open vessel irrigation system: an ecosystem unto itself

The State is proposing that these pipes be placed in the stone irrigation ditch and then the ditch be buried.

Celebration for Older Americans Month: 2012 Awards Luncheon: Winner was Waikoloa's Marjorie Marsek!

On May 3rd I attended the Older American's month 2012 Awards Celebration luncheon hosted by our county's Office of Aging at the Hapuna Hotel.    My one comment -- shouldn't we call this Kapuna Month and celebrate the 2012 Kapuna Award!

Here is Pauline Fukunaga -- a leader in the Office of Aging who helped to organize this event.

Councilwoman Brittany Smart and Pete Hoffmann in attendance:

Here is Kahu Kealoha Sugiyama (on the far left) who received one of the 2011 Outstanding Senior Awards.
He is President of the North Kohala Senior Citizen Center.
He was very kind and gave me his plumaria lei.
(By the way, I am honored to be a honorary member of the North Kohala Senior Citizen Club).

Here is Wayne Higaki from the North Hawaii Community Hospital consulting with Mayor Kenoi.

I sat with with members of the Waikoloa Senior Citizen Club:

A good photos of nominee Clyde Jackson:

Here are the nominees for the 2012 Outstanding Older American Award:

Here I am with one of my campaign advisors ! (actually this is Mayor Kenoi!)

And here is Marjorie Mrasek -- the winner this year of the Outstanding American Award!


May 5 2012 County of Hawaii Democratic Party Convention; Elect Margaret Wille for County Council District 9!

Attached are some photos of the May 5, 2012 Democratic County Convention held at the Honoka'a Intermediate School Cafeteria. The convention allowed candidates to set up tables to promote their candidacy and as well we had a minute or so to speak. 

I was co-chair of the 2012 Platform Committee (along with Robby Robertson) and worked on revising the 2010 County of Hawaii Democratic Party Platform.  For comparison,  I include a copy of the 2012 Platform and the 2010 Platform. 

When I joined Robby as co-chair, some folks mentioned we might just want to stay with the 2010 version. Frankly  I found  the 2010  "generic" and without much substance and without much "sense of place".  So with the help of many others, we updated the 2010 version. Then at the April 21st gathering we fine tuned the revisions.   At the convention, one amendment  was made to the section on family to provide for equality in marriage for all citizens.   

Take a moment to read the 2012 Platform and see what you think!

Here I am with my area - District 7 delegates.

Along with Representative Denny Coffman and Councilwoman Brittany Smart (now running for State Senate)

Along with Councilwoman Brenda Ford (now running for new District 6 County Council)

Greg reviewing the proposed resolutions (Senator Malama Solomon in the background)

Here I am at my "candidate table" conferring with one of my future North Kohala constituents (I hope).

Along with Pete Hoffmann's legislative assistant Dave Hirt (who I would hope will continue on as my legislative assistant).

Giving my candidate speech:

With Patti Cook -- who along with Malama Solomon - made this event happen smoothly and enjoyably

The rest are some photos from the gathering of candidates

To Island-wide Supporters of the North Hi Community Hospital& Its Exceptional Women\'s Heath Center Maternal Care Unit

April  30, 2012

Dear Fellow Supports of a Great Community Hospital with a Great Women’s Center:

PLEASE ATTEND: TUESDAY MAY 1ST 5:30PM MEETING AT PARKER SCHOOL THEATER TO DISCUSS THE FATE OF OUR HOSPITAL’S WOMEN’S CENTER; also please attend the WCA Meeting on May 3rd at 5:15 at the Waimea Elementary School cafeteria, re: physician shortages

            North Hawaii Community Hospital has made great strides over the past few years with the help of a committed Board of Directors and the entire North Hawaii Community Hospital staff. We as a community are very grateful.

            At this time NHCH is facing a new challenge – it is financially suffering in part because the Women’s Center and its hallmark family birthing unit is so successful. The problem is that services to women – especially relating to healthy pregnancy and uncomplicated births are undervalued.  To put this simply, under the current federal and insurance scheme – our hospital is losing money because so many women prefer to come here to NHCH for their prenatal, delivery, and post-delivery experience. (And not surprisingly so – given the high rate of healthy deliveries versus C-sections, and the overall philosophy of a “family” birth center that will care for women and her family both before and after her birth experience.  Also for many of us who recommend NHCH, we are mindful that the healthier the pregnancy and birthing experience – the lower the societal cost thereafter because of corresponding reduced rates of social problems, such as domestic violence and child abuse.

             An intra-hospital task force is now studying the Women’s Center to consider whether a partial – but substantial – dismantling of the Women’s Center is advisable to address this continuing loss of revenue.  However, many of us in the Waimea and Island-wide community believe that before there is any further dismantling of the Women’s Health Center, that we first determine if there are other ways to address the Hospital’s financial issues. For the past month, many of us have been meeting together to identify issues and possible solutions – other than what in our view would amount to an unsafe and undeserved gutting of the family birthing unit. What we are finding is that there are many other solutions that deserve to be considered.

            We appreciate the willingness of NHCH’s hospital’s staff, and in particular of Ken Woods as its Chief Executive Officer, to open NHCH’s arms to community participation in the current decision making process concerning the fate of the Women’s Center.  We express this appreciation on behalf of ourselves as individuals, and as an island wide community.

                        Gratefully, Margaret Wille, as a concerned member of CHO




SUBMIT YOUR IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS HERE: email to communityhospitalohana@gmail.com


Waimea as a center for health and fitness: Starbucks employee Lindsey Farah is a triathlete

Here is Lindsey Farah with friends at Starbucks getting ready to do a practice bike ride from Waimea to  Lapahoehoe and back. I was impressed. Lindsey is training for the Honu marathon (half ironman) to be held on June 2 starting from Hapuna Beach. The other cyclist is Tom MeCue from North Kohala. Friend Rocky Asing joins them -- with his bike in the background.  Best wishes to Lindsey in her endeavor!

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